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Harvest joy among the Yao people

​​​The joy of the Holy Spirit is in rich abundance as many are coming to know Christ among the Yao people group in Eastern Malawi.

A Conference You Won’t Want to Miss!

We are thrilled to invite you to our 2023 KIDStory Conference on February 24th and 25th. This is an event for those with a heart to disciple children and those serving in missions around the world! Between the two days, we have a variety of breakout session...

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I can hear you

Yohannes, Addis, Teunis and Joseph (L-R). (Credit Teunis van Woudenbergh.) Addis, Yohannes, and Joseph had normal childhoods in rural Ethiopia. They enjoyed going to school with friends and playing sports. But that was interrupted when they fell ill one da...

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Seeing God’s glory in business

Kibir is an SIM Ethiopia ministry that uses missional business to make a kingdom impact, primarily through consultation and training. With Ethiopia’s high unemployment rates and pressure in the marketplace, they’re equipping Christians who are professionals...

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Equipping nomadic believers

Representative image used. © Andrew Strong In 2008, SIM helped sponsor a regional conference to bring together believers from a pastoral people group in West Africa. At the conference, believers voiced their concern over the lack of trained pastors to te...

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Recordings reach where we can’t go

The Tamajaq (or Tuareg as they are often called in the West) travel across a vast area of the Sahara Desert, stretching from far southwestern Libya, to southern Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger, where the biggest group is found.

Waves of Hope flood Loja on FM radio once more

After five years of silence, Waves of Hope radio is now back on 94.1 FM radio in Ecuador’s Loja province. Several of us on the SIM Ecuador ministry team witnessed the change in the antennae on the mountains of Loja and the technician yell, “We are on the ai...

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Worldview-based Storying: The Integration of Symbol, Story, and Ritual in the Orality Movement

This book is dedicated to the present global generation of Bible storytellers. It will challenge you to learn from the rich history of the Orality Movement, do your cultural homework related to the integration of symbol, story and ritual, and tell the great...

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Life on Life: What I Learned From Refugees During My Internship

Nearly three years ago, I set out on an 11-month journey as an MTW intern, teaching English and ministering to refugee women in a city in Southeast Asia. The experience changed my perspective, faith, and sense of calling in ways that impact me to this day w...

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Missionaries use trading pins as bridge to gospel conversations

Standing outside train stations, on street corners and in neighborhood squares, IMB missionaries hold signs advertising “Free Pins.” When people stop, missionaries use the “bridge” trading pins to talk about grace, hope, love, community and faith. With i...

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The DMM Platform

At The DMM Platform, we are experiencing the Kingdom breakthroughs that come when those who have never heard of Jesus hear Him speaking in their heart language. Simple, reproducible churches emerge as people in some of the most difficult and hard-to-reach p...

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Celebrating Our First Audio Bible in Peru

June 2021 marks the completion of our first audio bible recording for the Quechua people of Peru and our first recording in South America.  7.3 million  Quechua people are indigenous to the rural mountainous region located in southern and central Peru and s...

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6 Ways God Used the Pandemic to Open Doors for Gospel Ministry in Senegal

In Senegal, Muslim-majority country in West Africa, MTW missionary Jim has partnered with a local Senegalese pastor to train four budding Christian leaders to be pastors and church planters

Social Media Ministry Made Easy

Not since Gutenberg developed the printing press has there been such a revolutionary means of spreading the gospel to people around the world. The Internet has eclipsed the influence of print, radio and television by putting the power to publish and broadca...

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Literacy training in prisons using Bible storytelling
Literacy training in prisons using Bible storytelling

For those desiring to use literacy or English teaching to reach others for Christ, here is some inexpensive, effective and easy-to use material based on 30 Bible stories. It was designed for prison use, and is being used in four or five states to get indivi...

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A Word from the International Director (March 2021)

We don’t have a Bible in our heart language. Existing churches in our region overlook us because we seem to be so much of a challenge in sharing the Gospel.

A Word from the Deaf of ION

The Deaf constitute a people unlike any other on earth. Mission scholars define them as a people group composed of profoundly Deaf men and women, usually Deaf at birth or before the acquisition of language, who use sign language as their preferred language ...

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A Word from the International Director (February 2021)

ION exists for action.  Yes, we talk, teach and promote orality and oral strategies.  In this new era everything we talk about, teach or promote expects intentional synergistic work – collaboration to reach the oral majority.  Often that process & progress ...

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A New Day in India

We now face the most difficult days in the recent history of India.  Our president is bound to establish our country as a Hindu nation following the demands of Muslim and Buddhist countries all around him.  Yet these are possibly the best days the church of...

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How to Prepare Your First Bible Story

Bible storytelling is a skill that most of us are not born with. It’s hard the first time but will get easier the more stories you learn. Here is the basic process.

Story Sticks

The Storytellers Bible project is an initiative of Blazing Trees. We are innovating Bible resources for frontier missions. We believe that all anyone needs to make disciples is God’s presence and power through the indwelling Holy Spirit and the stories of t...
ION North America Regional Online Connection 2021

We are pleased to announce that the next ION NAR Conference will take place in Houston, Texas, in Fall 2021!

The Return of Oral Hermeneutics

Have Western exegetes turned an Eastern book into a Western one? Does God require all people to be able to analyze grammar to interpret Scripture? Does God assume all people can interpret Scripture through oral means?

Missionary died thinking he was a failure

In 1912, medical missionary Dr. William Leslie went to live and minister to tribal people in a remote corner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After 17 years he returned to the U.S. a discouraged man – believing he failed to make an impact for Christ...

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Zealous for the things that matter

“I was trained by David Watson,” my friend said over lunch. “My mentor in Disciple Making Movements was so and so,” I replied. A bit later I added, “I also learned under Ying and Grace Kai.” George Patterson was another person whose name came to my mind. Wa...

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Orality Research Primer

Walking the intersection of science and faith Prepared by Adriana Donaldson, Charles Madinger, Nicholas Nickl, and Emily Pohl   A Primer for Research in Orality Go ye therefore, and teach all nations Matthew 28:19, KJV Congratulations for havin...

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Toronto 2019 Resources

Sign-Up Connect with us here to receive the International Orality Network monthly e-newsletter and other updates.    2019 Toronto Conference Resources Main Session Recordings: uploads pending—check back soon! Thursday Friday Saturday ...

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If Only God Spoke My Language – Introducing Render

Imagine this: You’re sitting on a worn, wooden bench—or even the floor—of a tiny church in a rural community. Maybe you walked hours just to be here, carrying the weight of the troubles from this past week into this place of rest. Your feet hurt, your lips ...

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ION Africa Conference: Togo 6 – 8 November 2019

We are pleased to announce our upcoming ION Africa Conference, which will be held in Lome, Togo from Wednesday 6th to 8th November 2019.

Growing orality trends impact how we share the Gospel

Instagram and Facebook are expanding their TV platforms. Podcasts are growing in popularity. More and more, people are ditching written text in favor of audio and visual communication. These modern developments are not only shifting how society shares infor...

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Why the Community Caste Focus is Needed

Let us start with how people perceive themselves. There is too much of classifying people by who we think they are, rather than who they perceive themselves to be. That is arrogance on our part, not a respect of people as people who are living as members of...

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One Great Tool to Explain the Gospel in Real Life

Missionaries working in countries where there is no printed gospel available in the heart language of the people use a method called storying to present the gospel message. Story sets help create bridges and address barriers to the gospel.

Is It Time to Declutter the Great Commission?

Started by a Japanese woman, a recent viral movement is spreading rapidly. All over the world, people are growing more and more enthusiastic—to declutter. More and more, I’m thinking the global mission community should take Kondo’s advice about decluttering...

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God Speaks My Language

World Mission works closely with a network of national partners who speak the language and are working to create relationships within the indigenous communities where they minister.
Understanding the Remaining Mission Task

Have you wondered which peoples are still waiting to hear about Jesus for the first time? This illustrated video can help.
Honor, Shame and the Gospel: Reshaping the Messenger

Sam Winfield teaches about the dynamics of honor / shame cultures at the Honor Shame conference at Wheaton College in 2017. He puts forward the case that the cultures of the Bible were based on honor / shame, and unless Western missionaries consider seriou...
Remembering Pioneer Jim Slack

“Hello World!” was Jim Slack’s enthusiastic greeting to coworkers and his exclamation whenever he learned something new. An unassuming man always in good humor, Slack became one of Southern Baptists’ most influential missiologists during a 50-year career wi...

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ION Africa Youth Conference: Zambia 6-8 June 2019

We are pleased to announce our upcoming ION Africa Youth Conference, which will be held in Lusaka, Zambia Thursday 6th June - Saturday 8th June 2019.

Orality, the Bible, and the African Imagination

What are the links between orality and literacy? Is one method better than the other? Dr. Gregg Okesson discusses the effects of modernity and how it mistakenly posited literacy against orality as part of the Seven Minute Seminary series.
The Bible like you have never experienced before

Whether in a home setting with just a smartphone, or in a 360˚ projection dome equipped with moving seats, wind, mist, scent, bubbles, snow, and flying actors, imagine experiencing the Bible as a participant in the great Story.

The Gospel and the Spoken Word: ION NAR Conference, Toronto, Oct 3-5, 2019

We are pleased to give advanced notification that the 2019 ION North American Region Conference with take place in Toronto, Oct. 3-5, 2019. The theme for this year's conference will be '1 WORD 4 ALL - Embodying Jesus in a Post-Textual Society' Please ...

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ION Africa Consultation Nov 2018

ION Africa consultation was held in Johannesburg, South Africa from November 27 to 29, 2018. It brought together 130 participants from 21 countries. The 3-day program included presentations, interactive dialogue and panel discussions under the theme “Reachi...

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Got a resource or story to share?

This is a community website, and we need YOU! You are invited to share stories, useful resources, events and opportunities to collaborate on our site. Do you have an inspiring story, or know of a useful resource? Our community site aims to serve the Oral...

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Update from the Office of the Executive Director

Growth in ION South East Asia The orality community is celebrating exponential growth in recent months within South East Asia. Flowing out of the regional conference last November, an additional six national orality gatherings have been held stimulatin...

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Orality: An Infographic – Lausanne Movement

The Lausanne Movement has published a new Orality Infographic for your use.

2018 NAR Conference Plenary Sessions

Catch up or refresh yourself with the audio recordings of the main plenary sessions from ION’s 2018 North America Regional Conference, which took place in Orlando, FL in September 2018, with the theme 'Many Applications - One Mandate'.

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Sharing Spiritual Light With Those Who Cannot See

Raahithya is a 32-year-old young man from India who is continually hungry to know more about God. Employed at a local bank, he is the only Christian in his family. Two years ago, Raahithya came across a TWR India radio program. This is his story: "I rea...

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Scripture in your hands

SIL has developed a free tool for translators to get the precious Scriptures in the hands of the people quickly and cheaply.  Scripture App Builder helps anyone to build customized Scripture apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. 

A New Day Dawns for the Deaf

Bible translation has been around for centuries, with missionaries venturing out into people groups near and far to make God’s Word accessible. As we steadily count down the number of languages left without Scripture, a people group seems to have gone overl...

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It was a dark and stormy night…

How many of our Halloween stories begin this way? Even though many people tell such stories for fun at Halloween, for others fear characterizes their daily lives. Voodoo practitioners are not myths or stories in West Africa–they are all too real. Jesus rec...

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