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  • March 2017 ION Prayer Focus

    picsart_08-28-11-57-23Each week as the ION Call to Pray goes forth, some gather in offices, some gather in the field together, and there are some who gather together for physical conference call to pray. But all over the globe ION partners and individuals stop and carve out time to pray. Thank you to all who pray. 

    Each Thursday at 2pm (EST) GMT-5 you are invited to join with others to pray for one hour. If your schedule will allow you to call into the conference prayer call, you will be welcomed. 
    For the month of March, we invite you and your prayer group to link in united prayer for these FIVE (5) specific items:

    1) PRAY for upcoming events – ION Regional Gatherings –

    • North America Regional ION Conference:  11–13SEPT2017 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA – Details on the ION website (OPEN to all)
    • South East Asia Regional ION Conference:  19-22OCT2017  Chiang Mai, Thailand – Details on the ION  website (OPEN to all)
    • India consultation – March 20-23, 2017 (Hyderabad)
    • Nairobi local consultation – March 27 (venue TBD)
    • West Africa consultation – May 16-19 (Jos, Nigeria)

    2) PRAY for all peoples, particular those who have an oral-learning preference or are truly oral in culture –

    • Pray for changed hearts among church and ministry leaders to address the needs in the west  of 70% of Americans who prefer oral methods.
    • Pray for God to unleash a disciple-making movement so that oral learners have an opportunity to learn based on their learning preference.
    • Pray for churches and ministries to make disciples of all peoples, particularly oral learners.
    • Pray for churches and ministries to remove literate worldview barriers and use oral methods such as Bible Stories that form an Oral Bible, drama, skits, and other creative ways to bring God’s Word alive in highly relational formats.
    • Pray for the churches to begin to include oral methods in worship formats, discipleship studies, evangelism efforts and leader training.

    3) PRAY for a movement to eradicate the gap of not having a full Bible available.

    • Pray for the 665 languages with populations of 500,000+ – of this particular segment of souls, 272 languages have NO Old Testament. Currently there is NO ONE working toward putting a Scripture Project in place that would close this gap.
    • There are too many translations that are just New Testament. The current number of Full New Testaments is 1,390 languages. And 1,188 languages who do not have the Full Old Testament. Pray for this gap to close through new methods of translation and more people who can certify translations completed.
    • Pray for more methods, technologies or whatever is needed to get Full Bibles to every people group and language group.

    4) PRAY for everyone to have access to God’s Story / Scripture – 

    • 493 have been Engaged, but there is NO SCRIPTURE available in their heart language
    • Pray toward the goal of every language group having Scripture access in their heart language and mother tongue.
    • Watch & Pray for the Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples who have no one advocating for them.

    5) Pray for each UUPG adoption to include a Scripture Project –

    • Currently 1,002 UUPGs with NO Written Scripture
    • 1,653 UUPGs with NO Oral Scripture
    • 1,691 UUPGs do NOT have ONE VERSE

    stats-chart   ubs-scripture-accessprogress-2016We ask you to consider being one of those who will be diligent to press into prayer in a deeper way for Oral preference learners, Oral and Oral Bible-less Peoples and for Scripture for the Every and All.Thank you for linking in united prayer for more Scripture Projects that will bring both the  Old Testament (OT)  and the New Testament (NT) Scriptures to every adopted people group.“I am the vine, you are the branches.If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  – John 15:5Let us continue to bring these five areas into our prayer times and believe for much fruit this month as we pray!

    Please take the time to click on the link below to read the full version of this month's prayer focus. It includes Global Prayer Initiatives coming up and other prayer times not shared here:

    March 2017 ION Prayer Focus at:


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ION Prayer 90 Days Prayer Initiative

A United Call for Prayer on behalf of all Oral Peoples, Oral Bible-less People Groups, and for those working in Orality/UUPGs & Great Commission Partner groups. -“Devote ourselves to prayer being watchful and thankful… that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ.” (Colossians 4:2-4)

Please, if you did not start with us, you can still join in with us from any date.


Unite in Prayer

Thirty-five Global Prayer leaders (including the ION Int’l Prayer Director) from seven nations gathered recently to listen to God for His direction; seeking Him together for His strategy to mobilize prayer for the nations and greater strengthening of the Body of Christ.

During our corporate listening time, it was clear through multiple voices that we are living in extraordinary and critical times. We (the Body of Christ) need to be connected to one another relationally and together prepare for what is coming.


UUPG Prayer Adoption Presentation

Lord, teach us to pray: 

Here is a link to the ION Prayer Power Point Presentation (ppt)

You are welcome to use it  to share about the need for prayer for Oral Peoples, UUPGs, UPGs & Bible-less oral peoples:


ION Prayer Presentation with the Different Types of Biblical Intercessors

Lord, teach us to pray: 

  • Understanding the gift of intercession in Biblical Intercessors
  • God’s pray-ers
  • How to pray in this season of the Great Commission

This is the link to the ION Prayer Power Point Presentation (ppt) that includes the Different Types of Biblical Intercessors.

You are welcome to use this and share about the need for prayer for Oral Peoples, UUPGs, UPGs & Bible-less oral peoples & Different Types of Biblical Intercessors:

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