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Confessions of a God Father

My name is Priest Hadessa. I am the head priest of an Orthodox church in a country where Christianity arrived in the 1st century AD. I have five children of my own, and I am a father confessor—a “God father”—to the families in my church, who are my spiritua...

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To Translate or Not to Translate: The Place of the Old Testament in Missionary Strategy

For the last twenty seven years I have belonged to an organisation called Wycliffe Bible Translators. During that time, I have often found myself having to explain that we do far more than translate the Bible. Wycliffe staff are involved in linguistic resea...

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Master Storyteller Launches at ION North America Regional Conference

4.2.20 Foundation announces the official release of the Master Storyteller full production, recently launched at the NAR ION conference held in Colorado Springs! Watch the trailer, order, share and explore at

Where Faith Comes By Hearing

Jo Clifford shares a great step-by-step account of one of the many trips she takes to record Scripture, this time to Mpanda in Tanzania. From invitation to hanging blankets over wooden frames, this is a brilliant window into the world of Scripture audio rec...

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Translation, Literacy, and Orality: Reflections from the Domain of Bible Translation

A senior translator probes the multi-layered nature of orality and its relationship with Bible translation.

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The Art of Natural Translations

This article explores how incorporating local artistic forms into a Bible translation project enhances the naturalness of a biblical passage.

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Ricki Gidoomal

Ricki Gidoomal serves as Chief of Staff of 4.2.20 Foundation and as Senior Associate, Communications for the International Orality Network. He holds an MA in Russian & Linguistics from the University of Oxford, with specialisms in Ancient Dialect and Se...

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Village by village

To answer God’s call to translate Scripture, Victor and Shanta have followed a long, hard road. They are Indian, but they are far from home. And the cost has been high. The state where they now would live has more than three times the people than their hom...

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Finally knowing what it means to depend on Christ

Many Dukawa speakers finally know what it really means to believe and depend on Christ, whereas before they had not really understood. Over 3,800 Dukawa people have turned to Christ as a result of hearing God’s word in their own language! In early 2016, af...

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Bible stories come to life

When Banko Myle met a paralyzed woman in her Banna village, he told her a story he’d just learned. It was the Gospel story of Jesus healing the Bleeding Woman (Matthew 9, Mark 5, Luke 8). “Can that same Jesus heal me?” she asked.

4.2.20 Foundation & IBLT launch School of Biblical Hebrew

Dr. David Swarr, President & CEO of 4.2.20 Foundation, and Dr. Randall Buth, Vice President, Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation (IBLT), have announced the launch of the School of Biblical Hebrew (SBH), an 8-month full immersion program beginning...

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Good news travels fast

If you heard a great story, how long would it be before you shared it with someone else? Probably not long. You’d be even quicker to share it if you were from one of the world’s oral cultures.

The Need for Sign Language Bible Translation

Sign language is the heart language of the Deaf. Find out why, and how DOOR is working among multiple sign languages to give millions of Deaf people access to God's Word like never before.

When the spoken word is more powerful

Nearly 70% of people in the world are from oral cultures. Even when they can read and write they often prefer to learn through oral means. This means, for Bible translation, that we must find appropriate non-print formats in which to present God’s word.

Proclaiming the word of God

Sometimes translating the Bible is a long process. Take the Bakossi language of Cameroon, for example, the project first started in 1974. The running of the project was taken over by CABTAL*  during the  1990s and the Bible was finally launched in 2011, 37 ...

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Literacy, Orality, and the Web

What oral communication can accomplish in Bible translation projects that print communication alone cannot.

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Graydon Colville

After twelve years as the National Director of GRN Australia, Graydon was appointed International Director for GRN in April 2012. In this role he provides strategic leadership for GRN, represents GRN at an international level and provides leadership for the...

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Dr. David Swarr

Dr. Swarr serves as Executive Director of International Orality Network and is President and CEO of 4.2.20 Foundation. He previously served on the leadership team of ION and stewarded the Audio Scripture Engagement portfolio. The global declaration of “Maki...

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