Maale community hears old testament audio for the first time

By Davar Partners

MAALE people are oral learners

The MAALE people in southern Ethiopia are oral learners, and many are illiterate. The audio Bible allows them to hear God’s Word in their home language for a fuller understanding.

Davar visits southern ethiopia to distribute new audio bibles

We had the opportunity to visit the Maale community in 2023 and share solar players loaded with the full Bible. Previously they had access to only the New Testament. When they sat down to listen, Genesis began to play and one woman’s eyes lit up as she recognized this was new and a big smile came across her face and she said, “This is the Old Testament!” It was a tremendous blessing to be able to deliver the full Bible in audio for the many listening groups who meet weekly to listen to the audio and discuss what they’ve heard.

Audio Bible is an important tool

“The audio Bible is a very important tool for our people, for those who are uneducated and those who are farmers,” says our engagement partner Tesfaye Gebreab of TWFTW Ethiopia.

He also shares, “It’s a very effective tool for engaging in God’s Word. They learn new things for their life, for their fellowship, for their church, for their generation. They get a lot of lessons.”

Full Bible will be a great impact

One of the original translators, and a Davar narrator, Tamane Lale shares, “They can now listen and take lessons from the whole message. From Genesis to Revelation, Old Testament as well as New Testament. This will be a great impact among our community.”

The community leadership expressed their appreciation, “Thank you so much for helping us, for providing the Word of God in audio format in the way we can easily understand it.”

We pray God will use the Davar recordings to impact many generations with the audible Word of God throughout Southern Ethiopia.


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