Samuel Chiang on Orality and Missions Today

By Samuel Chiang

It has been said that since Gutenberg the Christian faith has walked on “literate legs.” And while we are very thankful to have the Bible in our language, we often operate from the assumption that the majority of the world also prefers to learn through literate means.

However, close to 5 billion people in the world are considered oral learners. This means they cannot, do not, or will not take in information by literate paradigms. How such peoples receive, process, remember, and pass along information is critical to the Church’s disciple making and church planting activities.

In this podcast, JD Payne interviews Samuel Chiang, former Executive Director of the International Orality Network. We talk about communicating with oral learners, how mission agencies are embracing oral methods, and his latest book (co-edited with Grant Lovejoy), Beyond Literate Western Practices which followed his 2013 publication (co-edited with Grant Lovejoy), Beyond Literate Western Models.


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