A Word from the International Director (March 2021)

We don’t have a Bible in our heart language. Existing churches in our region overlook us because we seem to be so much of a challenge in sharing the Gospel.

A Word from the International Director (February 2021)

ION exists for action.  Yes, we talk, teach and promote orality and oral strategies.  In this new era everything we talk about, teach or promote expects intentional synergistic work – collaboration to reach the oral majority.  Often that process & progress ...

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A word from the International Director (July 2020)

ION exists for one reason: to promote discipling all oral communicators – the oral majority – unreached peoples.  Our hearts beat with William Carey who in 72 small pages upended the status quo of missions and its colonial view approach to evangelizing “the...

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A word from the Acting Director

Orality is the new normal.  That’s good news and not so good news for the Good News.  It’s good news for those in the world that live with affordable access to the internet and the virtual world of life-saving, life changing information.  It’s not so good n...

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Update from the Office of the Executive Director

Growth in ION South East AsiaThe orality community is celebrating exponential growth in recent months within South East Asia. Flowing out of the regional conference last November, an additional six national orality gatherings have been held stimulating or...

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